Our supplier Edelica was founded in 1994 by Nikolai Shahovich in Belarus. His wife is great at sewing and she once decided to make a few sets at home. Lingerie she made was unique and very beautiful. Nikolai was admiring her work and then suggested to try and sell the sets - they were gone in no time!

In early days all products were made by Nickolai’s wife with a help of a few more sewers. Every piece was handmade by the specialists at home. Later on the company started buying ready made parts from other factories to speed up the process. First lace was purchased from the company called Lama in Latvia.

Now, 15 years later Edelica has 500 sq. m. factory with 40 staff members working on creating new pieces and designs every day! We can now enjoy having their products ranged in New Zealand and get a taste of this great quality ourselves.

Edelica constantly monitors fashion news and creates new looks for coming up collections. The process starts with choosing suitable fabrics and colours. For example, Edelica has recently had a few representatives from factories in France, Italy and Turkey visiting them and showing their products. For Edelica quality is very important so they have strict quality control. If introduced cotton from a proposed supplier doesn’t pass the quality checks they will not work with that factory. Edelica only partners with the companies that can offer exceptional quality.

Most of the products produced by Edelica contain around 97% of cotton with 3% of elastain. Elastain is only added for quality purposes as well. It increases durability and prevents lint from forming even after washing. Edelica is now actively working on introducing silk in their upcoming collections.

Production of lingerie is very technological process that requires for sewers to have a lot of knowledge and experience. Edelica uses equipment like Juki, Brother, Kansai (japan) and Kuris (Germany). A lot of the processes are automated however the production is getting monitored by sewers and still a lot of parts are being handmade. This way they can ensure that finished products are made in line with their high quality standards.

Edelica mostly specializes in every day wear and they have had some collections being very popular on the market for almost 15 years! It all thanks to classic shapes and its comfortable wear. Edelica normally releases one new collection every year. However, now with the increased demand for their products they are planning to introduce about 3-4 new collections a year. They are planning to not only range classic sets, but also make more lingerie in bright colours and introduce silk in their production. Edelica is also going to range baby dolls and sleep wear very soon!

A lot of products produced by Edelica go to export. They are now very popular in Russia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and of course New Zealand!