Moonflower lingerie offers quality bras and panties from Europe. Wide range of styles and colours.  Most of our lingerie is made from cotton, so it is soft against your skin.

Bras and panties sets

Cotton Gelato Bikini

$7.20 NZD$24.00 NZD

Classic Brief

$8.00 NZD$24.00 NZD

Classic Bikini

$8.00 NZD$27.00 NZD

Classic Brief

$8.00 NZD$25.00 NZD

Cotton Panna Cotta Brief

$9.00 NZD$24.00 NZD

Cotton Cinnamon G-String

$9.95 NZD$39.95 NZD

Cotton Confiture Bikini

$9.95 NZD$25.00 NZD

Cotton Croissant Bikini

$9.95 NZD$26.00 NZD

Cotton Croissant Bikini

$9.95 NZD$24.00 NZD