What to look for when shopping for a plus size bra.

on July 17, 2018

🌸 Wide Straps


+ Wide straps give extra support to your bust, so band doesn't have to take on all weight. It is a lot better when it is evenly distributed between your back and the shoulders.

- Narrow straps may hurt your soft skin and leave red marks on your shoulders that aren't pretty!


+ Wide straps look stylish and pretty on a nice bust

- Narrow ones just don't look right 😄


🌸 Underwire


+ Underwire gives you enough support

+ Lifts the bust. Leaving your waist and back look slimmer. What a great trick!


+ Beautiful and slim silhouette with or without clothing!

! if you don't have any medical conditions that wouldn’t allow you to wear underwire; if you are not pregnant or breastfeeding you should always go with underwire bras!


🌸 Multiple hooks on the band


- one hook is not able to take on weight of a large bust.

+ 2 hooks will do the job a lot better;

+ 3 or 4 is your ideal option 😄


+ wide band is a lot more elegant and oh… so comfortable!

+ Narrow band may hurt your skin; underline imperfections and leave marks on your skin! We definitely don't want that


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