The history of underwear.

on June 11, 2018

Let’s talk about the history of underwear today. Surprisingly enough, this piece of clothing along with some other beauty accessories has been created by men! Back in the days when men used to go hunting they wore something similar to what we call “undies” today. Originally, they were made from fur and later on from leather and fabrics. For many years, there was only one reason to wear underwear: to protect reproductive organs.

Underwear fashion was changing as years went by. They soon began to look like tight shorts and were worn in a cold weather. In a meantime, women still had no need for bikinis as they used to stay at home most of the time. First underwear ever worn by a woman was around 19th century. Lingerie was becoming very popular amongst royals as they had a need for luxury and were always on top of fashion. However, back then underwear was nothing like what we call “bikini” now. First underwear was very long and sometimes would cover legs up until knees or even ankles! They used to be called ‘pantaloons’ and were made of batista and silk with lace décor. 

That was a turning point for ladies' underwear as it wasn’t a piece of clothing that would protect and warm any more but has become a beauty accessory. Underwear wasn’t however for everyone. Only elite and royals could afford to wear lingerie. Ladies from general public still didn’t wear bikinis. On rare occasions on a chilly day they would choose to wear men’s trousers made from linen.

Pantaloons were popular up until the 20th century. They have however become a bit shorter. Lingerie and clothing fashion changes very quickly. Nowadays, there is a lot of choice when it comes to lingerie. In our store you can find anything you need! Seductive styles and bright colours as well as comfy undies for every day wear.


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