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Nude colour is the best choice for any girl

on August 15, 2018


💐It is always good to choose nude colour if you don’t want lingerie to be seen under clothing. It gives you that look of a “naked body”. It blends in with the colour of your skin, not leaving any contrast. It makes lingerie to look completely invisible!

Lingerie in nude colour can be worn underneath any clothing - no matter what colour or style it is! It is invisible under black or white blouse, see through pants or a tight skirt!

Things to remember if you want lingerie to become your “second skin”
✔ choose lingerie without any decor or patterns
✔ nude colour should match the colour of your skin as close as possible.
✔ mind the rise of your jeans, trousers or a skirt
✔ make sure that panties or bras you wear are a right size! If they are too small everyone else will be able to see the edge of your undies. Ouch! We don't want that!
✔ if necessary, it is good to wear seamless shapewear.
✔ check if you have not miss anything leaving the house in the morning!

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