Lingerie Myths

on June 18, 2018

Fashion is constantly changing and different myths about lingerie are created every day! Next time when you hear a new story or myth, please don’t be in a harry to believe it!

Myth 1 -  G-strings are not good for you

There is no actual proof that G-strings are bad for your health! It is understandable why thongs made from synthetics may be harmful. It is however a completely different story when it comes to natural materials like cotton. It is recommended to carefully chose your underwear. Good quality fabrics like cotton or silk can never cause you troubles. If you like G-strings, just wear them!

Myth 2 - White clothes – white lingerie

It is more of a stereotype than a truth that you can only wear white lingerie underneath white clothes. White lingerie can easily be seen under any clothing, even if it’s a loose shirt or dress.  It is a lot better to choose beige or nude colour for your bra if you don’t want it to be seen. Alternatively, it is also good to choose a pearl colour.

Myth 3 - You cannot match different sets together

Woman should always be full of surprises! It is even more important to be creative when it comes to choosing lingerie. Mix sport bras together with retro style bikinis, experiment with textures and colours. Just be yourself and fill your life with bright colours and styles that make you feel good!

Myth 4 - Only red and black colours look sexy

Let’s be honest, it’s an old school! Nowadays you can choose between so many different colours of bras and bikinis! You should say “no” to standard and boring options! It is recommended to get a colour that is right for you. It can be bright or very soft, but it should be something that will make you look great! Just be yourself!

Myth 5  - Shapewear looks ugly

This myth has probably come from the old days when there wasn’t much choice of corrective underwear. Nowadays designers work very hard on creating new styles, colours and shapes. Beautiful sets can also be practical and comfortable. Don’t be scared to choose high-waisted shorts that would perfectly shape your waistline. Listen to yourself and be who you want to be!


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