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on May 03, 2020

It is that time of the year when Mother’s day is only round the corner! It will then be followed by birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s, Anniversaries and other days you would need a present for. If you are considering getting lingerie as a present, there are some easy steps you need to remember!

Let me give you some tips on how to choose a lingerie as a present!

  1. Know her taste. It may seem to be a very obvious suggestion, however the perception of beauty could differ from one person to another and not necessarily what you like can also be appreciated by someone else! If you know what she likes, get it! The present needs to be wanted!

  2. Research what styles she likes. If you don’t know her taste and cannot pin point a right item immediately it is not a problem! Let’s think of other things she wears. This will also drive you to a right direction! What to look for:

Materials she likes. Are most of her clothes made from high quality materials? What’s her view on natural products? Does she have any skin allergies or other skin problems? Does she care about environment, how things are produced and packaged? If you have answered “YES” to at least one of those questions you might want to try buying organic cotton lingerie. She would really appreciate that choice!

Colours she likes. This is probably the most important thing to know! Colours are really important for all women! A product can be likable purely because of its colour! If you are again “not a pro” in this, try to think of weather most of her clothes are bright? Dark? Beige? Does she like patterns on her clothes are all plain? If it is a pattern, what is it? Flowers, stripes, or something else that catches her eyes? Try to think of as many details as possible!

Style. Does she prefer clothing that covers her body or she likes revealing certain parts? That can also give you some ideas on whether undies should have a high waistline or would she prefer something that would sits a bit lower on her hips or even some see-through designs. Again it is very personal, and please do not forget to think from her perspective not yours!

Is comfort the key in everything she does? If you have read up until here and still not sure what product to go for as you cannot pin point any preferences in her shopping style. Let’s think of her character! Would she rather stay at home or go for an adventure? Is she “T-shirts and jeans” kind of girl or “high hills and dresses”? Answering these questions can also help you to understand if she would choose to go for a comfortable or a sexy option.

  1. Okay, we have picked a bra or knickers, now the size! That could be a mission, but don’t be scared! Looking at labels of her everyday items is probably the safest way to go. Check the size on a couple of items as sizes can differentiate slightly across brands and styles. I would also suggest you measuring her, however that option is not always available if it is a gift. Some tips about our store: we do exchange sizes! We do exchange products and we have gift cards, so she can pick the size herself! So you have some options there!!!

  2. Giving the gift! This final touch is very important! Great wrapping will make her feel special and loved, so it is also important not to forget about HOW you are going to gift the lingerie!



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