How to choose a right band size of a woman's bra?

on November 03, 2018

Did you know that 80% of all women wear the wrong bra size? Let’s talk about bra fitting and the most common mistakes we make when choosing a bra.

If your bra fitted correctly:
    •    It wouldn’t feel tight
    •    Band wouldn’t crawl up your back. It should be at the same level as underwires as on the picture bellow:

Please remember that band should always support your bust!
If your band size is too small, it would automatically slip down in hope to find a narrower part of your body. That would also drag the cups down not leaving enough space for your bust. Even if your cup size is chosen correctly, tight band size may cause you discomfort around your bust(see bellow picture ).

Please remember that band should not be too loose either! If it is too big it would crawl up your back(see the picture bellow). In this case band wouldn’t give you enough support and cause you discomfort. It could be painful around your shoulders if straps are handling all your bust weight. Band needs to fit tight enough to support your bust!
A width of your band is also important. If your bust is on a heavier side, you might want to choose a wider band over other options to support you better. Wide band would also hide a back crease.

Stretchy fabrics might cause some discomfort around your band area as well! Band should support you rather than stretch!

How does your bra fit you? Do you need any help choosing a right size? Let us know if you do as we can book a free bra fitting for you!


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