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History of Bras

on June 25, 2018

Nowadays bras are worn by almost every woman. Have you even thought of its history and that bras were not always around?

Bra history began in the 6th century BC when wide straps made from linen were worn by almost every woman in Egypt for bust support.


The gold body chain from the Hoxne hoard resembles a jeweled version of the crossed breast band
(Source Wikipedia)

In the era of antiquity women used to wear leather bands that would look very similar to a modern bra. Bands would give bust support and also help some girls to hide their imperfections. Romans used to wear leather straps as well that could also shape girl’s waistline.

In middle age bras were long forgotten. Back then ladies used to wear corsets with metal inserts. However, corsets were very uncomfortable so women have become dependent and immobile.

The first modern bra to receive a patent was the one invented in 1913 by a New York socialite named Mary Phelps Jacob. Jacob named it "Brassiere" derived from the old French word for "upper arm." Her patent was for a device that was lightweight, soft and separated the breasts naturally.

history of lingerie

Support of the bosom by a bodice (French: brassière). 1900 (Source Wikipedia)

Nowadays there are so many different styles of bras. It has become more than just a piece of clothing that would support the bust but also a beauty accessory  👙💓


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