Common bra problems. It’s time to fix them!

on April 28, 2018

Do you think that wearing a bra is some kind of a torture? Are you in a hurry to take if off as soon as you come home? Do you think there is no such thing as a comfortable bra? Well, this article is just for you!

If you ever feel any sort of discomfort wearing a bra, never blame the size or the shape of your bust! It only means that the bra you are wearing is not right for you! It could be either something to do with the size, its shape or both!

Let’s talk about 7 most common “bra problems” and see how you can fix them.

1st problem: straps fall off your shoulders

What you try to do: tighten them up more so you get nice little red marks on your shoulders, back pain and sore neck.

What you should do: go next size down in your band size and next size up in you cup size. Example: your current bra size is 12C, try wearing 10D. Surprisingly enough, you would have the same room for your breasts as before, but this bra would fit you a lot better.

How it works: never blame the size of your shoulders! Straps normally move a lot when your band size is too big for you. Next size down will fit you better and prevent straps from falling of your shoulders!

2nd problem: feels like breasts are going to fall down from underneath the bra

breasts falling down

What you try to do: pull the bra down  throughout the day.

What you should do: If you keep on readjusting your bra throughout the day and pull it down so the breasts don’t “slip away” it may mean that you don’t have enough room for your bust and you might need to go up in your cup size. For example, if your current bra size is 12B, try going with 12C. However, sometimes this ‘falling effect’ may also happen when your band size is too big for you (try one of band size tests below). So, if changing to 12C still didn’t quite help and there is still a bit of room under the band, try going with 10D – even more room for you bust and even more band support under the breasts.

How it works: Larger cup size gives more room to your bust. It will stop your breasts from falling down.

Cup size test: with the bra on put your hands up. If you can see a bit of your breasts showing from underneath the bra, your cup size is too small.

Band size test 1: In the morning after putting the bra on, draw a line on your back where your band is currently at (eye liner would do a perfect job). In the evening check where the band is now. If it has moved up from where the line was in the morning, then current band size is not right for you. 

Band size test 2: Put the bra on and try pulling it away from your back. How far away did you manage to pull it? If it is more than 4 cm away from your back then definitely your band size is too big for you.

3rd problem: band is sitting way too high on your back even if you pull it down

What you do: tighten straps up because you want to stop your breasts from falling down.

What you should do: I think you already know the answer yourself – check if the bra size is right for you!

If you have this problem, then definitely your current band size is too big for you! If your current size is 12B, then try going with at least 10C. I was once helping my client to choose a right bra size. She thought she was 14C, but she always seemed to be struggling with the band moving up the back. I sized her up for 12G! She then admitted that size was the most comfortable one she ever worn before! Sometimes you might think that smaller band size will “suffocate” you. This is not true as going up in your cup size will justify that change and it will give you enough support.

How it works: 90% of support you should be getting from the band, not from the straps. If it doesn’t sit tight then it wouldn’t be able to manage the weight of your breasts; your bust would be falling and; it may even cause back pain and sore neck. You should carefully choose the size that it right for you!

Band size test 3: after wearing the bra for a day, stand sideways to the mirror and try to assess where the band is. If it is located closer to your shoulders than your waistline, then this band size if not right for you. Is band line parallel to the floor? If not, then the size is not right for you.

4th problem: your breasts seem to be “escaping” from the top. You can see “4 breasts” wearing thin fabrics.

What you do: try not to acknowledge this fact and just pull the bra up throughout the day.

What you should do: go up in you cup size

How it works: imagine pouring water into the glass. If it spills, then obviously there is not enough room for this volume of water in the glass. Same applies to our bust. If there is not enough room it would “escape” from the top.

Cup size test: Lean forward and “draw” number 8 with your breasts. Does it fall out of the bra or rather stay in the same place? Falling would mean that your bust needs more room.

5th problem: bra underwire annoys you. It either rubs against your skin or pricks your breasts. Sometimes it even breaks!

What you do: repair your bra and pull it through the day so it sits a bit more comfortably. Or give up and stop wearing a bra!

What you should do: try a bigger cup size. Underwire is stronger in larger bras. Sometimes also getting a different bra may fix the problem. Say, if you were 12B, you should try 12C or 12D. Certain shape may not be suitable for you. If neither of it works, try asking the professionals and bra fitters. It may be hard sometimes to understand how it works and could be difficult to find a right solution for yourself in this case.

How it works: different underwire is used in certain models and sizes. One would give you more support than the other. Try on a few different shapes and see what works better for you. Wearing bra should never cause any discomfort!

Underwire size test: braless lean forward and let your breast hang. Grab an eye liner or any other soft pencil and draw the line around your breasts. In the result you should get a curve that is similar to the shape of your bra underwire. Now assess the length and the shape of the lines you drew on your body and compare them to your bra underwire. If your body line is longer than your bra underwire thenn that bra is too small and you perhaps should get a larger cup size. Underwire should go around your breast, not sit on your breasts causing discomfort.


6th problem: general discomfort wearing a bra.  

You feel breast pain when wearing a bra, hence you try to avoid wearing it as much as you can. You also feel back pain and head ache. Your hands and fingers go numb and you feel dizzy. All these symptoms make you feel like you are seriously ill. But you are actually not! All these symptoms may be caused by wearing a wrong bra size!

What you do: nothing! You think it could be the weather or the time of the month. You blame anyone else but the bra!

What you should do: ask professionals. Your bra needs to be fitted. Underwire can actually put a lot of pressure on the lymph and nerve roots. It may not allow for blood to circulate properly and as a result it may cause all of the above symptoms and even evolve into breast cancer! Get in right for the health sake!

How it works: if you suffer from wearing the bra and you never feel comfortable wearing any bra -this is not normal! This is not right! It is nothing to do with you or with the size or shape of your breasts. It only means that something is wrong and you should change the bra you are wearing. If you were unable to find a right size on our website, let us know! We work closely with our supplier and they manufacture products to meet our local market needs.

Test to see if bra is right for you: how often do you think about your bra thought the day? Does it cause you any discomfort? Do you need to pull it to one side or readjust the straps? If the bra is good for you, you only ever think about it when you put it on in the morning or take it off at night. If it’s not your case, then this bra is not right for you.

7th problem: your bust seems to have the live for its own.

You feel it moving every time you walk, lead or run. You feel discomfort and you feel awkward that it moves so much. It seems like everyone is noticing it! It may even start affecting your life as you would rather stay at home than exercise. It moves so much that it is painful!

What you do: Probably nothing. It is interesting to know that around 50% of women feel pain in their breasts when they exercise and never acknowledge that! Some women get worried about it and avoid any type of sports.

What you should do: get another bra, another shape, another type! Do something! Certain bras give you more support than the others. Have you ever heard of “plus size collection”? There are certain types of bras that can take on more weight than the others. Check out our plus size collection and see what bras are good for larger breasts. Don’t just buy a normal bra in a big size.

Test on how supportive your bra is: put your bra on and jump for a few seconds. Do your breasts move too much and you feel like they are going to fall out of the bra? If yes, it means that your current bra doesn’t support you enough.

You wear bra every day and perhaps you don’t give it enough attention. Stop torturing yourself, and ask professionals to help you. If you have a sore tooth you go to see the doctor, why not seeing bra fitter if you feel pain or discomfort wearing the bra?

Still have questions? Try our size calculator or contact us so we can help you to choose a perfect bra for yourself!


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