A bit more about our Shoowroom

on April 25, 2019

We have recently opened a showroom! All our products can now be tried on! It is only a small area that is attached to our house with very cozy and welcoming atmosphere :)

We are there every Sunday from 10am till 2pm. Private fittings at a different time can also be arranged. Please get in contact with us if you wish to come and try our sets on any other day!

Now let’s talk about how this room has been created!

Originally, this area was nothing else but storage!


Then we have installed a fitting room which is basically a shower rack with some curtains! Tsss! Don’t tell anyone about it! It was a little bit of a mission as we have never done it before

To work on decorations, we have invited @let_it_bloom. She has created an amazing logo for us and gave this place a soul! It now has that flowery look in soft pinky colours!


We have officially opened on the 7th of April so everyone can try our products on! For those who are not in Auckland, there is no need to worry! When you order on-line you can try different sizes and return the ones that don’t fit you with no problem. It is just as convenient!

Here is the picture of our first customer! Looking forward to seeing you all!


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